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"Tannis Root Pendant" Scent Locket Necklace


Image of "Tannis Root Pendant" Scent Locket Necklace

Left photo: The Tannis Root necklace from Rosemary’s Baby.
Right photo: the necklace included with this listing.

Each order also includes a single dram of fragrance oil (please specify which scent you would prefer, in the order notes).
***PLEASE don't forget to let me know your scent preference in the order notes at checkout***

(Minnie) “Oh, before I forget, this is for you from Roman and me. It’s just a little present is all. For moving in… It’s real old, over 300 years… The green inside is tannis root. That’s for good luck.”

(Rosemary) “It’s lovely, but I… I can’t accept it.”

(Minnie) “You already have. Put it on. You’ll get used to the smell before you know it.”

Scent lockets are for either aromatherapy, or for allowing someone to wear a scent they like without the risk of it changing on their skin or they are sensitive to a component when applied directly. Body warmth heats up the locket and the scent applied to the pad inside it, without any skin contact.

A 24" rolo (3x4mm oval links) silver-tone chain is included.
Each Rhodium-plated pendant comes with a felt insert for retaining/releasing fragrance oil/essential oil.
The insert can be removed to replace with fresh inserts -- either for different scents, or for different colors.
New inserts can easily be found at most craft stores, or you can use a cotton ball, linen, or pumice/lava stone balls.